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HL_TF_cBot - Multi Time Frame

Pure Price Action

Buy & Sell work independently with different TimeFrames

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New Release HL_TF_cBot_12.21

In the new release we have added "Take Profit Protection" through which position closes a few pips before TakeProfit is hit.

This protection is particularly suitable if you are dealing with a "market maker" broker (you trade against them and not in the real market) who are used to hunts for stop losses "Stop-loss hunting" and when the price lingers close to the Take Profit they avoid it being hit by using special software.

When "TakeProfit Protection" is activated the strategy closes the position a few pips before the TakeProfit price. Brokers "market makers" know where the TakeProfit is located but they do not know how the strategy works.

cTrader platform was designed to work on the ECN / STP market and most brokers using this platform should be truly ECN / STP by linking your orders directly to the real market.

If you come across a "market maker" broker, this protection is especially valuable.

cBot strategy based on Supports and Resistances

The Bot will automatically choose the strategy that best suits Forex Crosses, Indices, Metal, Oil, Crypto Currencies ...

Breakout or Reverse :

At the beginning they must be selected with the optimization from the parameters then, if enable, the cBot, after a certain number of lost trades, will automatically change the strategy.

Buy & Sell work independently with different TimeFrames. The optimization will indicate the TimeFrame that is best suited for Buy or Sell.

Allow 1 or 2 Trades per Session

OnBar/OnTick selection

Money Manager: Buy/Sell Position Sizing

Wide selection for entry and exit strategies

StopLoss and TakeProfit automatically settled based on volatility.

The optimization will automatically identify the best entry and exit strategy by choosing from the following:

On Main Strategy


- 8 entry strategies selection

- 3 exit strategies selection


- 6 entry strategies selection

- 16 exit strategies selection

In addition to the Main Exit Strategies, alternatively 5 further classic exit strategies for buy / sell:

- Cut DrawDown (to be used in conjunction with all exit strategies including the Main one)

- Solo SL/TP exit

- SL/TP Breakeven exit

- Trend Follow exit (Trailing)

- The parameters attached to the bot have been optimized using IC Markets Broker from 08/02/2011 to 30/10/2021 (with some parameters the Drawdown comes out higher then 5% (no more then 12%) because it was worth pushing on the Money Management).

To avoid "Over-Fitting":

- Optimizations and Backtests must be performed for at least 8/9 or more years for reliable results. The optimization done on short periods is not absolutely reliable. Professional traders optimize and backtest their automatic systems using very long periods (10/15/20 years) of data feeds with paid Data Feeds providers. All Brokers who use cTrader platform for Forex give a free set of Data Feeds of about 8/9 years and for CFDs 5/6 years.

- To test if the parameters obtained are robust, do backtests by varying them slightly (do not change "Livel TF" which is the Timeframe). If you get positive results, even if qualitatively lower than the optimized ones, this means that the parameter set is robust and not "Overfitted".


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From these brokers you can download cTrader platform for FREE and operate in DEMO and then in Live.

Contacts write to: active.ctrader.bot@gmail.com

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-------- RISK DISCLAIMER ----- PAST PERFORMANCES ARE NOT A GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS ----------Forex & CFD trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The impact of seasonal and geopolitical events is already factored into market prices. The highly leveraged nature of Forex & CFD trading means that small market movements will have a great impact on your trading account and this can work against you, leading to large losses or can work for you, leading to large gains. You are responsible for all the risks and financial resources you use and for the chosen trading system. You should not engage in trading unless you fully understand the nature of the transactions you are entering into and the extent of your exposure to loss. If you do not fully understand these risks you must seek independent advice from your financial advisor. All trading strategies are used at your own risk. Active.cTrader.Bot is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using any of our trading strategies. Loss-limiting strategies such as stop loss orders may not be effective because market conditions or technological issues may make it impossible to execute such orders.


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HL_TF_cBot / Forex cTrader platform - Automated Trading System

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